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Have you noticed a lot of agencies are vague about what exactly it is they do?

You can look at a services page and have no idea if you’ll get something useful out of their strategy and consulting services, or if you’ll just get a phone call and a static-filled recording.

We don’t roll like that.

How we work:

We like to keep it lean & mean at Huntress, so we work in 90-day sprints. After each 90-day sprint, we assess the results and give recommendations to adjust strategy. Then, we can continue working with you in additional 90 day sprints, or we can hand off that information to an internal team who will be picking up our work.

For each service category, there’s a “base” block and potential add-ons, and all work is done with project pricing. When you get in touch, let us know what kind of services you’re interested in and what add-ons (if any) you’d like to add to the base block.


Whether your campaign is six months off or you’re two months out and just realizing that you can’t do it all yourself, we can help. In addition to both of us having oodles of launch and marketing savvy, Michelle created and implemented the strategy for her own successful Kickstarter on a shoestring budget — that campaign was funded to over 150% in 35 days. She also consulted on a successful IndieGoGo, creating the launch and social media strategy that propelled it to 122% funded.
You’ve got the platform, you just need to make it work for you. The time has come to make your business recession-proof and create your own assets instead of relying on advertising and sponsorships. Whether you’re in the late product development stages on creating your own app or product, and you need a marketing plan, or you’re just getting started on creating your own products, we can step in and take it off your hands. Your Instagram following won’t last forever — get in touch to see how we can help you be more strategic and step up your game.
You just received your first round of funding, or you’re finally starting to get traction with customers...but you can’t take time away from the hustle to hire and onboard a full marketing team to keep your momentum going. Work with us, and you’ll get two branding and marketing experts with fourteen years of combined experience, ready to set up marketing systems and outline + execute a complete marketing and branding strategy, all with less up-front time and money investment than hiring and onboarding an employee. We’ll keep the users coming in, and you can be off doing your founder thing: networking, continuing to talk to investors, and guiding the product.
You’re running a healthy business, but you want to start creating products — whether that means courses, books, or multimedia digital products. The problem: you’re too busy, you know, running a business to actually do that. No matter where you’re at in the process, we can step in and help you create your product (with ghostwriting and design), write copy for it, create a launch and post-launch plan for it, and more.

Want to work together? Get in touch:

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