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Battle-ready business strategy.


Have you noticed a lot of agencies are vague about what exactly it is they do?

You look at their site and have no idea if you’ll get something useful out of their services, or just a phone call, a page of notes, and a static-filled recording. 

We noticed that, too. After years of our clients coming to us, disappointed by subpar agency experiences, we decided to partner up and offer our trademark combination of strategy and action together. 

We don't do business as usual. We hate long meetings, endless email chains, and useless PDFs that won’t matter a few months from now.

Work with us and you’ll have tangible results and deliverables in 90 days — not 18 months.


Shenee Howard

Shenee Howard is a brand strategist, content writer and designer with ten years of experience helping businesses profit. She's built her own personal e-training brand to the six figures and has grown her audience to close to 10,000 people and has sold over 500 digital products to date. She's helped clients grow their audiences by the thousands and crafted marketing and email campaigns that have doubled and tripled their profits. She's been featured in Inc., Huffington Post, Medium Recommendations, and countless podcasts as a trusted marketing resource and business mentor. When she's not working at Huntress, she's writing scripts and walking her very cute dog Alfred. Yes, he's named after Batman. 

Michelle Nickolaisen.jpeg

Michelle Nickolaisen

Michelle Nickolaisen is a content marketer whose ten years of experience run the gamut from writing to strategy to managing teams, projects, and launches. As a writer, she's worked with companies like Shopify, Moo, Bigcommerce, Sitepoint, Clubhouse, and KISSmetrics to draw in readers and keep them around. 

As a marketer and strategist, she's launched a Kindle book to #1 and #2 in its categories, funded her first Kickstarter campaign to over 150% on a shoestring budget, consulted other successful crowdfunding campaigns, and worked with startups to create a content marketing strategy from the ground up. Some of her other projects include creating and producing an indie audio drama with over 30,000 downloads in its first season. 

When not working on Huntress projects, she's probably listening to (or writing) podcasts, playing Animal Crossing, or climbing something.


"We're blazing into an amazing new stage of marketing and growth"

Though we started out with little more than a website and an infrequently updated blog, Michelle took on the challenge and helped us develop and build content so that we could truly begin to promote our company and brand across multiple platforms. She not only wrote blog posts but also conducted interviews, wrote case studies, created our style guide, handled most of our social media postings, and even authored our first e-book! Michelle is an organized and diligent worker and was very flexible as we iterated on multiple approaches to try and find our unique voice. Clubhouse is blazing into an amazing new stage of marketing and growth thanks to the foundation that Michelle helped us lay. 

-- Camille Acey, VP of Customer Success at Clubhouse

"My revenue has doubled"

Since our work together, my revenue has doubled. I also have two brand new websites which resulted from the branding and copywriting work Shenee and I did together. These sites are gorgeous, clear, and cohesive. The clients I attract more are also the “right” ones—ones who genuinely commit to our work together and benefit both personally and professionally. 

Shenee is great at helping people get focused on who they are as an entrepreneur, and who they serve. She’s also great at telling it like it is—if something’s not clear or is communicated in a way that doesn’t show value or benefit to a potential customer, she’ll tell you and also help you fix it. She goes way above and beyond with her own level of service and attention—and I also love how transparent she is about her own process. She’s great at helping to sift through brainstormed ideas, and prioritize what will sell now, and is also fantastic at strategizing funnels and campaigns.

-- Rachael Pontillo, founder of Holistically Haute

"An incredible experience"

Working with Michelle was an incredible experience! She really dug into who our readers should be and helped us organize our content production process a ton. The posts she wrote for us are some of the best content on our blog. Her post on No Code MVPs got featured in Hiten Shah's newsletter and resulted in multiple new subscribers and two warm leads. Do yourself a favor and hire her.

-- Andrew Askins, partner at Krit

"Prepare to up-level"

You won’t even believe what Shenee can do with a brand in such a short amount of time. I’ve seen her work wonders for not only me, but my clients too. People who have been stuck and stalled out for months go through her approach and are instantly unstuck. It’s amazing. Her process, her brain -- prepare to up-level. Because that’s what happens when you have Shenee in your corner.

-- Amber McCue, CEO of NiceOps