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Crowdfunding Consulting & Management

Whether you want to fund an app, an innovative new product, or print a book, crowdfunding can be a way to do it while also pre-selling your product. In addition to our twenty years of combined marketing experience, we have several successful campaigns under our belt, ranging from a line of planners to freelancers to an indie rock album to an innovative water-saving camping shower. 

What goes into the campaign consulting & management?

  • Competitive research to see how similar campaigns succeeded (or why they failed) with takeaways for your campaign
  • Pre-Kickstarter launch sequence on social media and your email list created and scheduled to get your audience prepared and ready to back
  • Social media strategy, editorial calendar creation, and implementation/scheduling, plus Facebook, Instagram &/or Twitter ad campaigns
  • Copywriting and editing for your campaign page, including talking points and/or a script for your video, images designed for your page, and tier creation/copy
  • PR and outreach to journalists & influencers 
  • Post-campaign support, including customer service and integrating your campaign with BackerKit to manage fulfillment
  • Whatever else you need to have a successful campaign! 

For a full services list with pricing, click here. (Prices are estimates and may change depending on the details of your project & timeline. We can also consult & provide strategy to be implemented by your team.)


  1. Reach out below, including your timeline/ideal launch date, notes on your product, and which service package you're most interested in

  2. We'll schedule a 30 minute consult call to discuss in more detail

  3. After the call, we'll send a proposal with a few options tailored to fit your campaign

  4. You pick the option that works best for you and we're off to the races! 

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