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Workshops and Teaching

Maybe you're already building a content team and don't want to outsource your content strategy - or maybe you're training your current marketing team to be more content marketing savvy. If you want your team to receive experienced insights from industry professionals, we're available for workshops and teaching, long-distance or in person. 

We can teach your team how to: 

  • Onboard new team members, so they're up to speed & productive as soon as possible
  • Create a brand style guide to unify marketing communications
  • Streamline their marketing process and make sure quality content is being created consistently & on time
  • Systematize their brainstorming processes to generate original, high-quality content on a regular basis

We can also: 

  • Work hands-on with your team over the course of the day to create their new processes and foundational documents 
  • Share style guide, recommended app lists, and SOP templates to get them started after the workshop is done
  • Train your team to communicate your brand message and vision in all communcations 


  1. Reach out below, with any questions you have & notes on what you're looking for

  2. We'll schedule a 30 minute consult call to discuss in more detail

  3. After the call, we'll send a proposal with a few options tailored to fit your team & needs

  4. You pick the option that works best for you and we're off to the races! 

Get in touch about workshops & teaching: 

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